Bad Moji Find a Home!

From the start, Bad Moji never really had a place they could call home….

In the early days we could often be found at NRG in Westerham, Kent but the walk-ons and punter days were just too random, if at all.

Later we made the journey up the M25 to a wonderful place called Warrenwood.. Tim and the team there, Warrenwood Spartans welcomed us a newcomers and showed us some very good days indeed, famous for the tasty BBQ, and some cracking mini scenarios organised by ‘Freaky Dog’ productions like the Mafia Wars mini series and other insane themed events.  There is always a good day to be had at Warrenwood.

Still.. we had no where we could call home..

As the years passed we were just eager to get out and play as much as possible, travelling the UK and enjoying some of the best weekends known in paintball. It was then, back in 2011 we went to Campaign Paintball for Time Wars.  From the start there was something about Campaign that felt good, the set up, the staging, the hard standing toilets! and the catering, all top notch..  We then got to see the fields!

Utterly amazed by Dodge City, Totally lost in The Jungle and fascinated by the Dark Tower, Campaign has to have some of the best fields out there.. Every zone has a different aspect, a different style to be played, Time Wars of 2011 was absolutely jaw dropping.. Through out 2012 we popped back to Campaign when we could, playing a few walk-ons and of course the return leg of Time Wars.  During a team night in late 2012 the topic of home / training site reared its head again and it was a unanimous vote…

We are pleased to announce that as of 2013 Bad Moji calls Campaign Paintball in Cobham, Surrey…. ‘HOME’..

CP Logo clear

Niall, Tony and all the team at Campaign have been awesome. Some of the friendliest and most professional people in paintball can be found down here and thats probably why Chelsea FC, Tim Henman and other notable stars can often be found having a great day.

It was only the other week we bumped in to Bill Bailey, cracking bloke..



A big thanks again to Niall and Tony who have made us feel very welcome.  We now have a place to call home and somewhere we can train!  :)

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