Bad Moji Choose DyeCG Paintballs via BZ Paintball…

Moji Logo V1When it comes to paintball, using the right equipment is the difference between having a great day or going home early!

No matter what forums you use, what social sites you visit, there are always threads loaded with reviews on the latest equipment, setup guides, ‘How To’ advice and much, much more..  What you dont often find is information on paint!

I guess the reason for this is because paint manufacture is an extremely difficult process and the variables involved are so substantial that every batch of paint produced, results in varying differences from the last. Paint is a variable item and cannot be controlled to stringent manufacturing processes, thats why we see the many different bore sizes for barrels.

At every event we have played we often see guys and girls with £1000′s of pounds worth of kit grabbing the cheapest paint they can find on the market, I’m not saying this is a bad thing as costs for events and paint can be quite substantial, people have tight budgets and need to stick to them, what I’m trying to say is that people are overlooking or not considering the performance of a paintball which can actually make the difference from an OK day to a fantastic day!

Paint is the biggest cost when it comes to events and most people buy based on budgets. If your playing a long weekend then choosing a cheaper paint probably means your able to stay on the field more as your not conscious about spraying paint towards the opposition. In the past Bad Moji often went for PURE Paintball from BZ Paintball Supplies as the paint is of good quality and the price is very reasonable.

This year competitive paintball took a step forward in the form of The UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) run by Shoreline and played at YPC in Yorkshire and Campaign Paintball in Surrey.

During the first Southern leg of the competition it was clear that in order to be in for a chance then not only was the right equipment needed, the paint had to be top notch! The game is won by eliminating opponents and switching flags, ball breaks on target are essential not bouncers!

We tried many different types of paint in the run up to the UWL and we basically knew that a more fragile paint was going to work best. We played the first event with GI Sports 5* Imperial, a very good paintball indeed. Some of the more well known teams had opted for this also and it did the job.  We also had the opportunity to try DyeCG Paint from BZ and although on the day we went for GI we felt the DyeCG was a little special!

Having some free time to use the DyeCG more it was evident that it was one of the best performing paints we had ever used.  The accuracy achieved with the Dye CG is amazing, probably due to the near perfect spherical shape, the consistency and spread  of the fill. The size of the paint is also extremely consistent at around 0.687 – .688 so this, compared to some of the other top grade balls on the market, is on the larger side of balls!

Going in to the second leg of the UWL we chose to use the DyeCG and it was the perfect choice. This paint cannot be faulted, its absolutely brilliant..   This was re-affirmed during the later parts of the competition when we had to use some alternate paint as we had run out of the DyeCG, the difference was very noticeable…

So.. we let to the great people at BZ Paintball know exactly what we thought of the Dye CG who in turn, unknown to us, then spoke with the guys from Dye Paintball……….

Its our great pleasure to be shooting DyeCG Paint via BZ Paintball Supplies and receiving the support of the guys at Dye along with the continued support from BZ.  From now on Bad Moji will be using DyeCG paint wherever possible, including the UWL and CPPS.


DyeCG shoots really well through all of our Planet Eclipse markers from the Etha, Etek3′s, Etek4′s, Ego11′s, Geo3′s and LV1′s and consistency is key..

Really looking forward to future games.. :)


Bad Moji Find a Home!

From the start, Bad Moji never really had a place they could call home….

In the early days we could often be found at NRG in Westerham, Kent but the walk-ons and punter days were just too random, if at all.

Later we made the journey up the M25 to a wonderful place called Warrenwood.. Tim and the team there, Warrenwood Spartans welcomed us a newcomers and showed us some very good days indeed, famous for the tasty BBQ, and some cracking mini scenarios organised by ‘Freaky Dog’ productions like the Mafia Wars mini series and other insane themed events.  There is always a good day to be had at Warrenwood.

Still.. we had no where we could call home..

As the years passed we were just eager to get out and play as much as possible, travelling the UK and enjoying some of the best weekends known in paintball. It was then, back in 2011 we went to Campaign Paintball for Time Wars.  From the start there was something about Campaign that felt good, the set up, the staging, the hard standing toilets! and the catering, all top notch..  We then got to see the fields!

Utterly amazed by Dodge City, Totally lost in The Jungle and fascinated by the Dark Tower, Campaign has to have some of the best fields out there.. Every zone has a different aspect, a different style to be played, Time Wars of 2011 was absolutely jaw dropping.. Through out 2012 we popped back to Campaign when we could, playing a few walk-ons and of course the return leg of Time Wars.  During a team night in late 2012 the topic of home / training site reared its head again and it was a unanimous vote…

We are pleased to announce that as of 2013 Bad Moji calls Campaign Paintball in Cobham, Surrey…. ‘HOME’..

CP Logo clear

Niall, Tony and all the team at Campaign have been awesome. Some of the friendliest and most professional people in paintball can be found down here and thats probably why Chelsea FC, Tim Henman and other notable stars can often be found having a great day.

It was only the other week we bumped in to Bill Bailey, cracking bloke..



A big thanks again to Niall and Tony who have made us feel very welcome.  We now have a place to call home and somewhere we can train!  :)

The New PURE Paintball from MAXS

During the tail end of 2012 we discovered a brand of paintball we had not heard of before…

Having been using Sterling Paintball for most of the year we were a little reluctant to change brands.. On occasion we used GI Milsim and DXS paint when Sterling was unavailable. Our secondary choice was DXS from BZ Paintball Supplies, and the paint did the job.

It was Staargate when we first used the ‘Pure’ paintball and we we’re more than a little wary to use it to be honest.  It was a brand we had never heard of before and no one could offer any feedback on it.  None the less, 2 boxes of the ‘Silver’ grade paint was purchased from the BZ Paintball stand.


First impression of the ‘Silver’ grade was good, the boxes come with bubble wrap sheets on the top layer and the very bottom layer of the box, offering more protection than other brands. Each 500 bag is sealed nicely  and in its own double wall thick card section. So straight away you can see the manufacturer cares about how his product arrives to his customers.

On close inspection of the bags we expected to find some oil or a hint of moisture where a possible ball had broken or overspill etc. but to our surprise nothing, in fact all the bags were clean and dry.

Sizing the balls up we also expected these to either be overly large or stupidly small, but again we were proved wrong… Coming out at a perfect 0.684 we were very impressed!

Again with the appearance of the ball, we knew they wouldn’t be perfect and yes a few had dimples where they had been packed tight but once the bags had been opened and the balls taken out of the individual compartments the dimples popped out a little, still not perfect and round but still a good roundness.  Needless to say we we’re all very pleased with the ‘Silver’ grade Pure paintball, it shot straight, broke most of the time and played very well as a woodsball. Definitely moved up a level to our first choice of ball for 2013.

We also had the chance to sample the Pure ‘Arctic’ ball over January.  Again I was very impressed with what was in the box.  The same level of packaging detail and a rather good winter ball too.  The shell wasn’t concrete, in fact it broke better than some medium grade paint of another brand and the fill was nice a thick.  The size of the ball was very well matched across the whole 2000 box  and came out at around 0.687. The ball shot great from start to end of our training day, not 1 ball break all day.



Tested through the Geo3, Ego11, Etek3, Etek4 and the Etha – all showing top results.


We will most likely be using Pure Paintball for the 2013 season where ever possible, the brand is great quality and a good price and thats what really matters.


We would like to thank BZ Supplies for the supply of the paint, great service as always.

Bad Moji – New Year, New Jerseys!

Towards the end of the 2012 season, Planet Eclipse asked us if we would like a custom HDE jersey for the upcoming 2013 season. Without any hesitation, Moji accepted the invitation and the templates were sent to our graphical guru Dave Jones. Many nights were spent coming up with a design and making changes to it to make it just right. After countless re-edit’s and tweaks, we had our final designs nailed.

Bad Moji Jerseys for the 2013 season

We have always wanted to include our names and player numbers on our jerseys, but on the original HDE jerseys which you can purchase through Eclipse or BZ Paintball, It was a little troublesome with the velcro patch on the back. However, with these custom tops, we were able to have whatever we liked printed on them.

Bad Moji Jersey (Rosey) 2013 - Back

With the designs sent off to Planet Eclipse, these were sent into production ASAP. We received these from the production team earlier this week and we have a first hand photo of the new jerseys for you:

Rosey's Jersey - Fresh out the printers

New Jerseys - Front design

You will see us playing with our new jerseys at all future paintball events this season. We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continued sponsorship, excellent HDE playing gear and the latest additions our new 2013 custom jerseys!

Planet Eclipse Paintball


Planet Eclipse HDE Gear Review: A Year In High Definition!

It’s been over a year now since we put on the new Planet Eclipse HDE gear and took to the fields, so its about time for a review!

We will get to the individual items below but lets first start off with the HDE pattern. When I first had a look at the HDE pattern I didn’t know how it would fair when in the field. I had doubts that the green was too vibrant, the tan too obvious, the pattern itself a little odd..   How wrong was I…     Eclipse have got the HDE pattern and colours down to a T!  Often blending in with the wooded surroundings on field, many opposition players have approached us after the game and commented on how well camouflaged we were, the most evident of this is when I managed to crawl head on, within 30 feet of 2 players during Paintfest and take them out, 1 shot each.. After the guys simply said they didn’t have a clue I was right in their line of sight!

For those that don’t know, HDE stands for High Definition Eclipse.


I will never forget the day I opened the Planet Eclipse logo’d brown box which contained the shiny new HDE Camo gear… Grinning ear to ear, eyes wide open and a inner sequel of excitement!

It was evident straight away at the quality of the product, something we are always assured of with Planet Eclipse gear. I was particularly impressed with addition of a towel stitched on the inside of the jersey bottom, intended to give your goggles a quick wipe without having to stumble around your pockets trying to find a shabby old bit of cloth!

HDEThe jerseys are well padded in the right places, forearms, elbows and the chest area are all stitched with a layer of padding which for me personally gives me a feeling of security knowing that if I have to go CQB then at least some of the sting will be taken off any close mash-ups!  Eclipse have taken on board the scenario concept when designing the functionality within the jersey and fitted 2 large square zip pockets on each arm for storing what ever you can fit in there! Both pockets have a velcro top layer which is a nice touch and allows the addition of a few nice patches.  On the back of the jersey there is a large velcro area dedicated for a back patch / call sign patch. On the front breast are more velro strips for additional patches.

The jerseys are very easily cleaned in a 30 degree wash and to date have not suffered with any paint staining unlike previous gear we have worn.  Great quality, hard wearing and functional.

Next comes the pants.. Would you like some ‘pants’ with your MOLLE attire!

PANT59806412-fNow I’m not saying this because we are Eclipse sponsored, I’m saying this because its true; these are the best pants I have ever worn! Again the quality is fantastic, very tough mesh canvas feel to them which makes them last! So may features have been put in to the pants I’ll need to refer to the Eclipse product description :

The HDE Camo Pant shows the great level of detail on offer to all types of players combined in a range of accessible features with performance benefits. From excellent comfort and agility thanks to the 4-way stretch zones at the crotch and lumbar areas, to the integration of removable internal hip and knee padding. The inclusion of webbing on the rear leg and waist area gives you the ability to configure and re-configure your loadout as much as you like giving you limitless options to find that ultimate set-up.


+ Belt Loops and Adjustable Waist Straps
+ Padded Crotch
+ 4-Way Stretch Zones
+ Removable Cellular Formed Knee Padding
+ Mesh venting
+ Stretch Squeegee Pockets
+ Velcro Secured Ankle Closures
+ Zip Access Pockets
+ Loadout Webbing System
+ Removable Internal Hip Padding

6 Pockets, 4 Zip and 2 velco… The above description from Eclipse says it all really. The stretch zones are in the right places, kneeling, bending, squatting, you name it, ever position I’m in feels comfortable. The integral belt is a great idea offering a huge amount of play within the size ranges, all in all these are a fantastic bit of kit.

Both Jersey and Pants are superb quality, well built, very functional, easy cleaned and are a joy to wear.

In recent months Eclipse released some accessories for the HDE range in the form of a Pod Pack with additional add on accessories and a new Bottle Cover.

hdeb35dgcn_pack_2hdeb35dgcn-acc-1The Pod Pack is an nXe made pack and is great quality. The difference between this and that usually associated with a tourney pack is the addition of some molle straps and some nice velcro patches. There is a nice amount of padding in the back of the belt so it sits comfortably on your spine while still being loaded with 6 pods +. My favorite accessory is the drop pouch. Its as small as a Red Bull can and when opened, the inner bag can hold an impressive 8 pods! Perfect when your on the move and carry more pods than the traditional 4 slots the belt holds, no one wants to try and feed a pod back in to the velcro loops!

The Utility Pouch is also a great addition and could easily hold a radio and a useful amount of pyro while still being small enough not to be in the way. Both these pouches fit perfectly on the molle section of the Pod Pack.

I can happily say that the whole team is very impressed with the HDE kit and we consider it to be an advantage / aid along side our markers.We have already seen an increase in the number of the scenario players wearing the HDE gear which goes to prove it a great product set.

As always we would like to thank our sponsors Planet Eclipse for being awesome, I hope we do you proud!

Bad Moji 3

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