Planet Eclipse HDE Gear Review: A Year In High Definition!

It’s been over a year now since we put on the new Planet Eclipse HDE gear and took to the fields, so its about time for a review!

We will get to the individual items below but lets first start off with the HDE pattern. When I first had a look at the HDE pattern I didn’t know how it would fair when in the field. I had doubts that the green was too vibrant, the tan too obvious, the pattern itself a little odd..   How wrong was I…     Eclipse have got the HDE pattern and colours down to a T!  Often blending in with the wooded surroundings on field, many opposition players have approached us after the game and commented on how well camouflaged we were, the most evident of this is when I managed to crawl head on, within 30 feet of 2 players during Paintfest and take them out, 1 shot each.. After the guys simply said they didn’t have a clue I was right in their line of sight!

For those that don’t know, HDE stands for High Definition Eclipse.


I will never forget the day I opened the Planet Eclipse logo’d brown box which contained the shiny new HDE Camo gear… Grinning ear to ear, eyes wide open and a inner sequel of excitement!

It was evident straight away at the quality of the product, something we are always assured of with Planet Eclipse gear. I was particularly impressed with addition of a towel stitched on the inside of the jersey bottom, intended to give your goggles a quick wipe without having to stumble around your pockets trying to find a shabby old bit of cloth!

HDEThe jerseys are well padded in the right places, forearms, elbows and the chest area are all stitched with a layer of padding which for me personally gives me a feeling of security knowing that if I have to go CQB then at least some of the sting will be taken off any close mash-ups!  Eclipse have taken on board the scenario concept when designing the functionality within the jersey and fitted 2 large square zip pockets on each arm for storing what ever you can fit in there! Both pockets have a velcro top layer which is a nice touch and allows the addition of a few nice patches.  On the back of the jersey there is a large velcro area dedicated for a back patch / call sign patch. On the front breast are more velro strips for additional patches.

The jerseys are very easily cleaned in a 30 degree wash and to date have not suffered with any paint staining unlike previous gear we have worn.  Great quality, hard wearing and functional.

Next comes the pants.. Would you like some ‘pants’ with your MOLLE attire!

PANT59806412-fNow I’m not saying this because we are Eclipse sponsored, I’m saying this because its true; these are the best pants I have ever worn! Again the quality is fantastic, very tough mesh canvas feel to them which makes them last! So may features have been put in to the pants I’ll need to refer to the Eclipse product description :

The HDE Camo Pant shows the great level of detail on offer to all types of players combined in a range of accessible features with performance benefits. From excellent comfort and agility thanks to the 4-way stretch zones at the crotch and lumbar areas, to the integration of removable internal hip and knee padding. The inclusion of webbing on the rear leg and waist area gives you the ability to configure and re-configure your loadout as much as you like giving you limitless options to find that ultimate set-up.


+ Belt Loops and Adjustable Waist Straps
+ Padded Crotch
+ 4-Way Stretch Zones
+ Removable Cellular Formed Knee Padding
+ Mesh venting
+ Stretch Squeegee Pockets
+ Velcro Secured Ankle Closures
+ Zip Access Pockets
+ Loadout Webbing System
+ Removable Internal Hip Padding

6 Pockets, 4 Zip and 2 velco… The above description from Eclipse says it all really. The stretch zones are in the right places, kneeling, bending, squatting, you name it, ever position I’m in feels comfortable. The integral belt is a great idea offering a huge amount of play within the size ranges, all in all these are a fantastic bit of kit.

Both Jersey and Pants are superb quality, well built, very functional, easy cleaned and are a joy to wear.

In recent months Eclipse released some accessories for the HDE range in the form of a Pod Pack with additional add on accessories and a new Bottle Cover.

hdeb35dgcn_pack_2hdeb35dgcn-acc-1The Pod Pack is an nXe made pack and is great quality. The difference between this and that usually associated with a tourney pack is the addition of some molle straps and some nice velcro patches. There is a nice amount of padding in the back of the belt so it sits comfortably on your spine while still being loaded with 6 pods +. My favorite accessory is the drop pouch. Its as small as a Red Bull can and when opened, the inner bag can hold an impressive 8 pods! Perfect when your on the move and carry more pods than the traditional 4 slots the belt holds, no one wants to try and feed a pod back in to the velcro loops!

The Utility Pouch is also a great addition and could easily hold a radio and a useful amount of pyro while still being small enough not to be in the way. Both these pouches fit perfectly on the molle section of the Pod Pack.

I can happily say that the whole team is very impressed with the HDE kit and we consider it to be an advantage / aid along side our markers.We have already seen an increase in the number of the scenario players wearing the HDE gear which goes to prove it a great product set.

As always we would like to thank our sponsors Planet Eclipse for being awesome, I hope we do you proud!

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